Onslow County Partnership for Children:

We are a private non-profit agency that advocates and provides services for the healthy development of children, by building the strengths and capacities of families, care-giving professionals, and the communities in which they reside.


Interested in opening a child care center or family child care home? We can help you navigate the licensing process and offer resources to help you offer high quality child care so parents will feel comfortable entrusting your program with the care and education of their children. Below is some basic information about state and local requirements to help you decide if opening a child care business is right for you and your proposed location.

General Requirements:

  • High School Diploma or GED
  • At least 21 years of age
  • Only care for children on the first floor or ground level
  • Must have a working telephone
  • House sewer accessible (Septic tanks are not sewer accessible)

Before submitting your application you must complete:

Home Occupations Permit:

  • If you live in the Jacksonville City limits or the ETJ (1-2 mile radius around the city) you must obtain a permit at City Hall.  If you live within the city limits of Jacksonville you will also be required to obtain a privilege license.  You must live in a single family dwelling.
  • If you live within any other city’s limits or ETJ area, you may need to apply for a permit in that area.  Contact your local City Hall for more information.
  • If you do not live within any city limit or ETJ within Onslow County you will need to contact my office (910) 938-3496 regarding new regulations.
  • If you live in Base Housing you must first go through the process of becoming DOD Certified.  Contact Base Child Care Coordinator at 451-1315.

Letter of permission- If you are renting your home you will need written permission to operate a child care on the premises from your landlord.  If you live on base you will need a copy of your DOD Authorization.

Neighborhood Restrictions- Check neighborhood covenants and homeowner’s association bylaws to ensure that they do not restrict you from operating a childcare business in your home.

Annual Fire Inspection:

  • Residents of the City of Jacksonville and ETJ: Call the Fire Marshall at 938-5242 or 938-5215.
  • Other County Residents : Call the Code enforcement office at 347-6782 ext. 310.
  • If you live in base housing contact CCR&R at 450-1500 for information.
  • Please see attached fire inspection preparation sheet.  Click here for fire inspection preparation sheet.

Proof of negative TB test- Must have been completed within the 12 months prior to receiving your license.  You may obtain this from primary doctor or from the Health Department. The charge at the Health Department is $12.00.

CPR/First Aid course- Must have been completed within the 12 months prior to receiving your license.  The following is a list of some organizations who provide the courses:

  • Onslow County Partnership for Children 938-0336
  • American Red Cross 347-3581
  • NC Cooperative Extension 455-5873
  • Coastal Carolina Community College 938-6139

Pet Vaccinations- Current vaccinations from your vet for pets residing in the home.  Records must indicate when rabies vaccination expires.

Fingerprints-  Can be obtained at the following locations:

Jacksonville Police Department (payment taken at City Hall)

  • Onslow County Sheriff Department - Make sure that you have your valid driver’s license with correct address and your social security card.  You may also present a valid military ID with correct address.  Make sure that you indicate that you are being fingerprinted to become a CHILD CARE PROVIDER.
  • If you have received a letter of approval from the Division of Child Development stating that you are approved as a child care provider within the last 12 months you do not need to have your fingerprints done.  You will still need a current local criminal history check.

Local Criminal History Check- (also called Certified Name Check): at the Onslow County Clerk’s Office- Required for each member of the household over the age of 15.  If you or any household member over the age of 15 have lived in Onslow County for less than 12 months you will need to obtain a local criminal history check from every other county lived in during the previous twelve 12 months. Criminal history checks are good for 90 days only.

Bacteriological analysis- If you use well water as a water source for child care purposes you will need to have the water tested for bacteria.  Contact the Health Department for information.  Bottled water may not be used as a substitute for well water.  You will not need to do this if you use city or county water.

Family Child Care Handbook- You must order a handbook. This guidebook will answer all the basic questions you will have regarding opening a family child care home.

Applications can not be submitted without all supporting dicumentation.  If you have any questions, or need assistance with this process, please click here and complete the Child Care Business Start Up form or contact Brandy Lenhardt at (910) 939-4394